Dressage stable


For years and years Hellen Rotteveel has been successful in dressage up to intermediate level and higher. She trained many horses up to a high level and entered the Dutch national Championships for Dressage. The coaching and training of riders and horses in this equine sport is her passion. Her students have also been successful and achieve great results.

Thea Schouten also trained many horses and qualified for sub top level of dressage, trained many horses to a high level, riding at sub top level herself. Thea has managed Riding Centre Hallinckveld since 1978 and she coaches all levels of riders and horses starting with novices up to advanced levels in the riding centre up to specialized competition riding, amongst whom her daughter Hellen.

Follow-up training and schooling are essential for teaching and training in equine competitive sports. Thea was educated at the well-known Equine Education Centre in Deurne, and qualified as a KNHS ZZ level dressage judge. Hellen qualified both as a KNHS trainer in Equine Competitive Sports and as a judge for dressage and breeding. Apart from these, both are extremely experienced by lifelong working and living at Riding Centre Hallinckveld.

But further and continuous training and education are central in their ambition. Hellen is a Master of Biomedical Sciences and attends specialized study programmes e.g. mental health training. Thea qualified as an Equine Massage Therapist.

These core qualities make Riding Centre Hallinckveld an inspiring place for all people interested in all things to do with equine welfare and sports, whether you ride, watch, groom, train or compete.



Your horse is not just a valuable and priceless possession, but also your treasured friend with whom you share quality time and love to achieve successes. As a consequence your horse is our honoured guest when staying in our livery stables. He or she ought to feel healthy and gleam with pride and happiness.

The horses in our livery yard get full livery and board, which include feeding six times a day; three times high performance quality Subli fodder, two times hay and daily fresh straw on the floor. All the boxes are installed with automatic water supply and temperature regulation.

Your horse will be surveyed all day long. If necessary we watch over him or her during the night. It goes without saying that we work according to a medication schedule and take care of your horse when you are too busy in your regular profession or during your holidays.



We have indoor boxes, outdoor boxes and indoor boxes with outside hatches and shutters. Each box measures a generous 3 square metres. The stables are light and spacious and have a perfect climate. They all have hatches and the side separations are open and fitted with bars so that the horses can see each other and communicate. Because all the horses can see and smell each other there is an atmosphere as if they are in a herd, which can be observed as soon as they are in the outside yard or during a hack. They are gregarious animals after all.


Riding Centre Hallinckveld possesses both an indoor and an outdoor arena. The outdoor arena has a drainage system installed. Customized machinery ensures the arena floors to have level and even surfaces throughout all seasons. In order to remain a constant optimal quality of the soil the dung is cleared away as soon as possible during or directly after riding and training. For both the indoor and the outdoor arenas obstacles and other materials for jumping are available and at your free disposal. The indoor arena is floodlit and has a hi-fi music system so that freestyle dressage set to music offers another opportunity for equine practice and fun.

At our riding centre we offer group lessons in which you may partake, e.g. the show jumping or carousel lessons. However we ensure availability of one empty arena at all times, if you do not want to ride during group lessons.


There are two tracks for walking in circles on the long leash, in which you may also turn out your horse. At a small charge we also turn out your horse for you. In summer we offer a place in the meadow nearby and in the other seasons your horse is free to walk in our circles, with or without another horse.


We have a pleasant and welcoming reception area and cafeteria with a view of the indoor arena. At the bar we serve snacks and soft drinks. Near the grooming area next to the reception area is a small and sunny terrace. You can also find a pleasant terrace near the outside arena.


Other facilities

– A private saddle room with central heating in which a burglar alert and alarm system and extra security measures against robbery of saddles have been installed
– Extra storage space for all your tack and grooming kit
– Covered area for horse showers supplied with cold and warm water
– The treadmill for walking


– Opportunities for hacks at the Hoorneboegseheide (the Moors) and the Gooisch Nature Preserves
– Entrance to meadows in summer
– Shared vaccination and de-worming schedule
– Trusted contacts with reliable veterinarian and farriery




Hellen teaches in private lessons of half an hour or an hour on a daily basis. You may also arrange for a combination class in which Hellen gives a training of half an hour followed by half an hour of instruction.

You may also want to ride your own horse in the instructive and sociable group lessons. We offer a special arrangement for livery horses: if you take part in one regular group lesson per week, you are allowed to train for free in every group lesson during the rest of the week as long as there is room for another combination. This is an ideal arrangement for young ambitious riders to receive correct tuition and coaching at a fair rate.


If you are unable to train your horse for a day or an extended period we can arrange training by Hellen or one of the other qualified instructors, but we will also be happy to walk or lung him or her , or turn him or her out in the outdoor arena.

Hellen is also prepared to break your young horse, coach it and have it compete in contests. She is also qualified to train your horse if there are behaviour problems. If you are trying to find and buy a reliable and cooperative horse, Hellen can advise and support you in finding the right match and coach you into being a perfect combination.


n order to achieve the best results from a rider-horse combination correct coaching by an experienced trainer/instructor is paramount. Hellen does not only know how to train a horse in the best way possible, but also how to motivate riders to get the best performance out of themselves and their horses taking their individual and personal learning and riding styles into account.

Apart from in-home contests at the riding centre, we also arrange evenings during which we ride in mock tests. The riding of the test will be recorded together with the simultaneous feedback, criticism, tops and tips by qualified judges. Thus you will be able to watch your own performance during the mock test as often as you like. This is an ideal opportunity to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before the official contest.

In the Loosdrecht area and on Hallinckveld in the outdoor period there are regular contests to some of which we can ride on horseback. Thus entering and riding in competitions remains accessible and affordable.



Livery service
Livery: horse, all inclusive€ 385,-
Livery: pony, all inclusive€ 325,-
Booking€ 175,-
Livery: mare and foal€ 440,-
Single€ 34,-
Per week€ 140,-
Per month livery included)€ 710,-
Private lesson (1/2 hour)€ 34,-
Private lesson card 4 lessons, valid for 5 weeks€ 128,-
Private lesson (1 hour)€ 62,-
Private lesson 1 hour, half training, half lesson€ 67,-
Group lesson on your own horse (1 hr) p/w€ 16,-
Private lesson (1/2 hour)€ 32,-
Private lesson (1 hour)€ 58,-
Turning out/treadmill€ 5,-
Turning out/treadmill several times a weekto be determined
Lunging€ 17,-